Tutoring and Teaching

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    However it is bringing others to Floral Design and helping them to maximise their potential that gives her greatest pleasure and it is not only these qualifications but her cheerful engagement with other people that makes her workshops so in demand.


    Her extensive teaching and tutoring experience includes being asked to start a City and Guilds Course in Solihull at the end of her own Flower Arranging and Teaching qualification. After 12 impressive years the course was successfully handed on to make room for Margaret's increasing NAFAS commitments. She has been equally successful teaching in the Public Sector as she has privately and within NAFAS




























    From a successful workshop in Spain


    Margaret is a most sought after tutor with larger classes, specialist studies and individual coaching She is technically qualified to the highest levels with a host of return engagements to run classes and workshops at all levels of Floral Design expertise both at home and overseas.

    Teaching in Eire

    Public Sector Education Experience

    NAFAS National Tutoring

    Additional Tutoring




    Teaching Judging

    Tutoring Area Day Schools to encourage and improve judging standards and to explain judging to exhibitors and competitors have been an increasing demand on her services

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